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The Love and Crystals

Water Chime Crystals Collection

Quartz Water Chime Crystals

We use all natural raw Quartz Crystal Points. Each Crystal is honored with prayers, songs and smudging (Sweet Grass and Sage) before we hand engrave each crystal. Every Crystal is different and every engraving is chosen to fit with it is crystal. The sizes of the crystal vary depending on the water chime (be sure to check crystal size before ordering) but the LOVE and GRATITUDE, the infused prayers within the chimes are always overflowing! Each Crystal spends days basking under the full sun and full moon together with the gems or stones on the hanger ( the Key Chains do not have a hanger with gems or stones). Each One is hand made with Love, Light, Laughter and Gratitude!

Water Chime Crystals


Water Chime Crystals are designed to go in water. After a lot of consideration and ideas it was discovered the water in the back of the toilet tank is clean and has open pipes running to the tank and from the tank that make a connection with all water pipes both in the home as well as the water coming and leaving the home or building. The simple hanging water chime designs allows for flexibility in height so you can customize the way the Crystal hangs in your tank. When hung away from tank parts it does not interfere with the proper use of the toilet tank. Always test flush the tank after hanging your Crystal before replacing the toilet tank lid.

Each hanging Water Crystal  is about 12 inches long plus the quartz crystal. Each Medium sized Quartz Crystal is about 1.5 inches long and about .5 inches wide (every crystal is a natural point). We use 25 chip or small gems or stones on the hanger and 1 medium quartz crystal. 3 small gems or stones are used at the top of the hanger to keep the chime from falling in the back of the tank lid. 22 gems or stones are used to accompany to the Crystal in the water.

Cosmic Ice Water Chime Crystal

Cosmic Ice Water Chime Crystals are single crystals designed to share with open water. Lakes, Rivers, Ponds and more!

Bobber ~ Floating Water Chime Crystal

Floating Water Chime Crystals are designed with Bobbers or other floating items so you can use your crystal in your bathtub, pool, hot tub or many other places you wish. This is a real treat for you and your water.

Its really fun to use multi floating water crystals at the same time. Mix and quartz crystal and a shorter hanger to prevent damages to the bathtub.

You may secure the floating water crystals with suction cups on the side of the tub or pool.

We are at least 75% water.

Window Water Chime Crystal


Window Water Chime Crystals are so beautiful and peaceful. Its brings deep smiles when the sun dances through the crystals into the room. Window Crystals are easy to hang using suctions cups. Each one is hand made with love and engraved with a special message.


Each one varies in size of quartz crystal, length of hanger and more.





Traveler Water Chime Crystal ~ Key Chain



Key Chain Water Chime  Crystal a great way to always have a crystal with you. These are great for traveling, sharing and everywhere you like to give thanks to our water.


Each Quartz Crystal is hand engraved medium size crystals.

Dream Catcher Water Chime Crystals



Dream Catcher water Chime Crystals are really beautiful peaces. Each one is hand crafted with spirit, love and prayers. The center crystal is hand engraved with a message for water with all our other crystals.


The size and design of the dream catcher and crystal varies with each one.

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