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New Plantwave Device and Pro-App Success

I am so excited about the new Plantwave Device and Pro App. I just received my new device a few days ago and I LOVE IT! Way to go Plantwave team! The wait was well worth it! I am going to spend the next few weeks recording as much as I can while learning more about the Pro-App. Spring is right around the corner here in Minnesota. I want to be over ready when its time to start recording in the great outdoors again.

Mother Nature Loves You!!! We really have no idea how much Mother nature Loves Us! Our far beyond our understanding at this point. I know some people will strongly disagree and maybe for a few select people, they might understand, but most of us have some room for learning and a deeper understanding of our connection.

I am often reminded of my reactions, or should I say my bodies reaction to the plant and tree melodies and communication. I am reminded my body responded far before my brain and understood the message. My brain can only grasp at the concept of the communication. The power of the communication from Mother Nature in this way is a blessing for all humanity! We have no idea yet, what a blessing this is...

It is my hope you enjoy Mother Nature in this way and find your blessings. How do you feel while listening? How does your body feel? Do you feel refreshed or like you just had a huge hug from nature! I hope so.... I hope you take a moment and be with the plant and honor the plants for reaching out to you in this way! To honor yourself in this way!

And please plays these song for people in your life, especially those who might be sick, feeling down or can't get out in nature... I think they will love this too. Please email me with your experiences. I would love to hear all about it!

Peace, Love and Crystals, Jodi

Purple Flower Love Hyacinth Plant

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