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Melodies of Angel Wings ~ Rosa Chinensis

I have been searching for wild roses to listen and record their melodies for a while now. We had early snow fall this Oct with low temperatures causing the snow to stick around a bit. I had already settled in with idea of recording more plants next spring. So the other I am walking out side to get in my friends car and small pink flower bud caught my attention. Seriously, there was snow on the ground and nothing else in the flower was growing. I looked at it again and just shook my head in wonder. I ask my friend, "Is that a Rose Bud?" Yup, sure enough he thought so too.

Luckily for us the weather was warming up enough almost all the snow starting to melt away. I was woken up at 5am yesterday, Nov 1, with a very intense need to go out record this rosebud right away. It was still pretty dark out but the Full Blue Hunters Moon lite the area softly enough I didn't need a flashlight. As the Moon was setting in west when I began recording. The sun was just beginning to peak out over the horizon to east when the first recording was finished. I started the second one right away capturing Rosa as the sun was rising and the moon was setting.

I took photos when it was light enough I wouldn't need a flash. Hope you enjoy this spirituality packed melodies. This rose bud overcame some major hurdles and weather to be heard, to share its melodies and messages with us. Rosa Chinensis is also know as China Rose, Bengal Rose, Angel Wings, Fairy Rose and Miniature Rose. I can't Thanks Rosa enough for this magical moment. I don't really have words to describe accurately how deeply moved and grateful I am, Thank You Rosa, we Love You.......

Rosa Chinensis Angel Wings Under the Full Blue Hunters Moon

Rosa Kissing the Morning Sun ~ Rosa Chinensis / Angel Wings Under the Full Blue Hunters Moon ~

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