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Love and Crystals New Blog

Welcome to our Love and Crystals New Blog!

Heading into the last months of 2020 I find myself taking note of all this year has offered me and Love and Crystals. I think we can all agree it has been the strangest year of our lifetime that we are aware of. As we shake off what we no longer need as a planet and on a personal level it is quite clear that the choices we make right now are sculpturing our tomorrow, literally. When given the opportunity, Be Kind! The more times you choose kindness the easier these next few years will be for you and for all of us! What a strange time we are in, when the act of giving is of greater reward for the giver than for the receiver! That is some kind of Gratitude for humanity if you ask me.

A few days ago in Minnesota we got the most snow fall on record this early in October in 140 years. Many other states are also experiencing colder weather and lots of early season snow. Oh, there just went some thunder. Seasons of change are upon us for sure. I think it was this early snow fall that inspired me to start this blog today. I guess it's time!

As I sit here writing the first post I am realizing how much has been going on. To say it is far greater than I am, far greater than I ever imagined would still not say enough about what has been happening. I Love God so very much and I am truly humbled to not only experience all this but to be able to find ways for others to have their own experiences in their own way with God. A living Prayer is very sacred! I know sometimes we all wonder if God hears our prayers. I think that is a natural thought for us. Some times however it takes a letting go from us, a desire for change, for a better way to shake loose and bring to attention the things about us that no longer serve us and that's not always easy or pleasant but its what needs to happen to make a way for a chance to choose what is better for us!

Wow our skies outside have that eerie storm color and I just saw lighting. We have snow on the ground and it's 32 degrees out. Looks like we got a battles of the seasons going on in the skies! Thunder, Lighting, grayish but not greenish but maybe a tinge color in the atmosphere and streetlights turning on at 9:06 am and here comes the rain or sleet or what ever it feels like, haha.. I think I am going to make more coffee. I love a good storm and I pray everyone is safe and no storm damage. It looks ominous out there... I tried to take a photograph but it didn't capture the true color, it stayed grayish.. It looks like the storm in the states below Mn are having having rain storms.. (Update: The news said there's a lot of ice crystals in the atmosphere, low sun angle and the Colorado wild fires adding color)

In the future I plan to blog about Crystals, Healing, Nature, Music of the Plants, Water and and some other fun adventures. I am venturing out into some of the new platforms that are newly available for social media and video sharing platforms. Once I find the ones that seem to work best for us, I will share them here.

So to start off the journey together I want to first share our "Prayer Jar".. A few years ago we created a Prayer Jar. When someone needs a prayer we write their name on a piece of paper and put in the jar. Everyday prayers are said for everyone in the jar and their families. It would be fantastic if you sent you love and prayers to everyone in the Prayer Jar as often as you like. If you would like your name added or would like to add some else's name, please send me an email or private message on our facebook page. Also if you would like some relaxing music that has a soft healing vibe check out the link below- Experience Healing Energy with Raphael..

I Thank You so much for joining me here and I hope you have enjoyed it. I am sending You lots of prayers and love!

Peace, Love and Crystals

- Music of the Plants. This is actually the music of a Dawn Redwood we call Raphael. We use the Midi Sprout aka Plant Wave device that uses the plants and trees Bio Data and turns into music. This recording has some extra energy healing included... Hope you enjoy!

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