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Love and Crystals

Loving Your Water!
              Yes, every drop of love and gratitude you share with

     your Water Crystal is received with honor and joy and expands

to every intended crystal.

Our Water Chime Crystals are a collection of handmade tools for expanding your connection of your prayers, intentions, love, hope, honor and compassion between us sending/sharing Love and Gratitude to water in our homes and communities! The are visible reminders of all your spiritual, emotional, natural connection of spirits and elements, Your human spirit, earth elements, and the great unknown ~The Great Spirit~ God~. Saying thank you to our water whether in prayer, thought, meditation and other forms of gratitude send that message to our water adding energy, love, and life back into our water and ourselves. Water is nearly dead by the time it reaches our faucets, void of positive energy, love and light like we get from places like fresh water springs and artesian wells. Our Crystals are reminding us to give thanks to our water; it holds our gratitude constant in the water even when we forget. It connects our gratitude to our neighbors, to our community, our water towers, to our water source and to each other. Wherever there is a water chime we are connected, sending and receiving each other’s love and gratitude for our water, for our water bodies. This works like sending texts to a group, group prayers or meditations and such.
Use these beautiful crystals as a mindful reminder to give thanks to your water for its journey to our homes, and peace on its journey forward. When the water feels your Thanks, Love and Gratitude it vibrates at a higher frequency, its energy increases and helps heal all pain and sorrow the water's memory is carrying for us, and helps bring life to nearly dead water. It is the intent that the crystals form a connection with each other. Every time you pray and give thanks, your blessings expand through your crystals and out to all our intended crystals.
A google map has been created to follow this expanding journey with us.

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